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Party Agreement

A party is not booked until...


The deposit is given and this Agreement is electronically acknowledged by the Party Host. Once you have paid the deposit  and made this Agreement, your party is officially booked. 

  • Party packages are priced based on a total of 8 children including the Guest of Honor.

  • Max of six additional  children may be added for $39 each. 

  • Parties will begin promptly at the time indicated above.

  • Please advise all guests that the party will begin promptly at  the scheduled time.


All activities are carefully planned and any child that arrives late may not be able to join the activity, which is currently  taking place. This is necessary to insure the least amount of disruption to the party. Understanding this policy is appreciated.  

Security Deposit & Gratuity:


A two hundred dollar ($200) non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking and acknowledgment of this Agreement.


Should any party be cancelled and not rescheduled, the deposit will be forfeited in its entirety. The deposit payment will be  subtracted from your party total. A fifteen (15%) service gratuity is added to all party packages.  


Duration & Details:


All party packages last between 1 hour & 30 minutes – 1 hour & 45 minutes long (unless otherwise stated in this  Contract). 20 minutes before the second hour is up, we will begin clearing any leftover snacks &/or beverages in the Parent Lounge.


Please  keep in mind, in an effort to avoid minor traffic both at point of arrival (while the previous party is exiting) and during departure (while  following parting is entering) the premises, we ask that you please accompany any of your guests/ participants waiting for their parents/  guardians to pick up them outside in front of the spa. 


Balance Due:

The balance is due immediately following the party. The balance due includes a fifteen (15%) percent gratuity and any extra charges for any additions provided & as priced under this Agreement.  

Cancellations, Rescheduling & Refunds:

We strive our best to work with you when rescheduling occurs; however, it is based on availability.  We must receive 14 days’ notice to reschedule your party. If you cancel your party for any reason, we cannot refund your deposit, as we  begin preparations for your party upon booking your event. We will gladly try to accommodate you to reschedule your party. There will be  a $15 charge for a date-change or rescheduling request by the Party Host. *Please keep in mind, that once a party is booked, we start  scheduling team members for your event and that date and time becomes unavailable to other parents. In cases of bad weather, serious  illness or other unforeseen emergencies, Posh Princess Palace LLC reserves the right to reschedule your party. 


RSVP Confirmations:

You will need to confirm your final guest count with Posh Princess Palace 4 days prior to the Event Date. This will be  the confirmation number Posh Princess Palace will use to plan your party and you will be charged accordingly. Once you have given a final  head count by the 4 days prior to your booked Event Date, you can only add additional guests with the consent and approval of Posh  Princess Palace.  


Guest Attendance:

Some guests may not show up even if they RSVP. Please remember that you will be charged for the final guest count  you confirmed prior to the party. The Guest of Honor and all guests are required to provide a completed Waiver & Release Form.  

Additional Guests:


Our party packages cover the Guest of Honor and confirmed guests. We prepare our parties based on the final  headcount given to us prior to the party. In the event that additional children show up and/or are invited to the party without our  knowledge, the client will incur additional fees per child.  



Posh Princess Palace LLC, its owners, affiliates, and employees assume no responsibility or liability for accidents that may occur on  the premises. We assume no responsibility for allergies relating to food items, clothing, make-up, and injuries to party guests, or property  damage that occurs before, during or after the party. As professional party planners, we can assure you that we will provide a safe  environment for you and your guests. All liability will lie strictly with the Party Host. You must inform the parents of each guest that we will  use skin products and food that may contain dairy, oatmeal, nuts and other allergy producing items. You are responsible for making sure  that each child has permission from the parent to use all of our products. If there is a child that must not come into contact with any of our  dairy products, nut products, makeup, nail polish, clothing, etc., you the Party Host are responsible to advise us and are responsible in  making sure that the child does not come into contact with the products. Please note that all services provided to the Guest of Honor and  the guests are for entertainment purposes only. Natural nail only manicure & pedicures consist of light filing, buffing, massage & polish. 



Please advise your guest to arrive on time & wait to be invited in. We ask that all attendees wear their mask &  practice social distancing. Upon entering the spa, please use the hand sanitizer. Due to regulated capacity limitations, guest/participant  drop-off is preferred. Prescreening and temperature checks of staff & participants will take place. At the end of the party, we ask that you  please accompany any of your guests/ participants waiting for their parents/ guardians to pick them up outside in front of the spa. 


By the acknowledgment of this agreement/ waiver, you acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19, or other comparable illnesses, and voluntarily  assume the risk that you, your child, and your guests may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19, or other comparable illnesses by  attending the party/premises and that such exposure or infection may result in personal injury, illness, permanent disability and death. You  understand that the risk of becoming exposed to or infected by COVID-19, or other comparable illnesses, at the party/ premises may result  from the actions, omissions, or negligence of yourself and others present, including, but not limited to Posh Princess


Palace LLC, its  employees, party participants, and their families.  

Photos & Video: We always encourage parents to take as many photos and recorded videos as possible. All our photos or video taken by  Posh Princess Palace LLC are the sole ownership of Posh Princess Palace LLC and we may use them for promotional purposes on our website  social media accounts, print ads or publications.


Adult Attendance:

As a children’s party venue, a limited number of parents/ guardians are welcome to watch and support their children. It  is expected that the Party Host will remain present and in attendance throughout the entire duration of the party. We are trained to handle  small or large groups of children. Parents/ guardians are welcomed to sit back and relax at the Parent Lounge by reception. Hot food and/ or alcoholic beverages are not permitted.  


**Spa Services are for entertainment purposes only. We do not cut nails, remove cuticles, or use harsh tools**

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Electronic Acknowledgement 

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